How do I join testnet?


If you install with the installer, you should have a Start Menu item to start in testnet mode. Otherwise, edit your litecoincash.conf file to include the line testnet=1. By default this file is


Edit ~/.litecoincash/litecoincash.conf to include the line testnet=1

Mac (with thanks to @HappyIguana)

How to Change LCC wallet (MacOS version) to testnet.

When you run the wallet for the first time, it will not be in testnet mode. Once the wallet begins to load/sync headers, you can proceed to modify the litecoincash.conf file. You do not have to wait for the wallet to completely sync. Proceed directly to modify the conf file and restart the wallet.

How To Modify litecoincash.conf File On a Mac

  1. Locate the litecoincash.conf file in a hidden folder: Open finder. Locate your user folder. Computer/Users/[User Name] then hold command and shift key and press period. This will show the hidden folders. Select Library, then Application support, then litecoincash. You will then see the litecoincash.conf file. Full path is Computer/Users/[User Name]/Library/Application Support/Litecoincash/litecoincash.conf (Be sure you are using the Library folder in a user folder, not the main Library file visible in the main computer folder)
  2. Double click on the litecoincash.conf file. Popup window will ask you what app you want to use to open the file. Choose TEXT EDIT in applications folder. The file will open in the text edit app with a blank window. Type testnet=1 and save file. Do not change the name of the file. Do not add the .txt extension to the file. Save file in the same location that you found it.
  3. Quit the Litecoincash wallet. Don’t worry that it is still syncing. Relaunch the Litecoincash wallet. The doc icon for the wallet should appear different than before and the top line of the wallet will include (testnet) in the name.

How can I get testnet coins to create bees?

Come join this Discord server and someone will give you some via Testy, the testnet tipbot. Alternatively, give a receive address to a team member and they'll send you some tLCC.

How do I get started with Hivemining once I'm on testnet?

Get some funds as above, then check out the beekeeper's guide!

What does Global Index mean?

See here.

Don't I need some addnode stuff in litecoincash.conf?

You shouldn't; we have a seedbox up to feed you blocks and the wallet should know about it already.

Is this wallet safe to use on mainnet?

Yes, but back up your wallet.dat first to be safe!

What about testnet PoW mining?

Feel free to mine sha256. We don't intend to send constant hashpower, so when there are no PoW blocks happening, the network will stall. However we have added an emergency PoW difficulty reset -- if there are no blocks found in 25 mins, difficulty resets to minimum (easily mineable with cpuminer).

Note that while the network is stalled, bees are not losing life -- life is measured in blocks only (all lifespan times shown are projected).

Can I integrate my service with Hivemining?

Sure! You can find RPC spec for new RPC calls here.

For more detailed information, please read our whitepaper:
The Hive: Agent-Based Mining in Litecoin Cash